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Jimmie Rodgers & Steve Rossi

Two Legends … An Afternoon with Jimmie Rodgers & Steve Rossi
June 8-9, 2013 – Las Vegas Hotel & Casino – Shimmer Cabaret

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9/17/2013 – **What a magnificent job you did at coordinating this entire thing and what a blessing!!**  You don’t know what it means to us. :-)  Was so AWESOME seeing Jimmie a bit and actually personally visiting with he and Mary and you outside after everyone was gone. I will certainly treasure those memories THANK YOU! My best regards to our hero Jimmie!  Well,thank you again for making it so that we fans can really experience Jimmie as a friend and see and interact with him. I would have never imagined this could have happened. I SEND MUCH LOVE AND WELL WISHES TO YOU, JIMMIE, MARY AND THE WHOLE GANG.