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Jimmie Rodgers

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(768) Sheila Smith
October 31, 2016

Approximately 30 yrs ago your dear mother was in town & came by our home for a visit. This was while I was married to Charlie Smith who grew up knowing you & your family...I don't recall what brought about her visit but remember that she was a delight!! She also said that she would write you notes whenever she was on the audience & usually wrote I love you from here to Mt Hood. When you were performing a show in Reno we sent you a message through the club employee mentioning Mt Hood & graciously came out to see us after your show. Have always loved your singing, googled you & found your website. Hope you get this note!

(767) Ross
October 8, 2016

Hi Mr. Rodgers,
I enjoyed listening to your music when I was a kid back in the 60's & 70's. My dad had several of your albums. He is passed on now, but i have somey of his albums now. I was just listening to your The World I Used to Know album. I still enjoy your music. Have you got any new albums out? I wish you the best.

Ross Stroud

(766) Carole Fabris
August 3, 2016

Hi Jimmie, so glad that you are still singing, it's been a long time since we met in Vancouver B.C. at the Cave Supper Club ( I believe it was 1960). I had a girlfriend that was the Hat Check girl at The Cave and she got a friend and I tickets to see your show. It was the best ...after the show we met you outside your dressing room and had a photo with you, I still have that photo. We all looked so young in those days, Good Memories.
Thanks for All The Great Music....Regards, Carole

(765) Joe
July 28, 2016

Hi Jimmy

I'm 65 years old and would spend a lot of time listening to my Aunts records when I was young.
I have loved and sang along to many of your hits back then. I think "Secretly" was the one that started it off for me.
Hearing ALL of your songs really takes me back to such a sweet time!
Be Well & God Bless

(764) Louis Sferlazzo
July 27, 2016

I am a huge fan. I'm glad to see you may be performing again.Listen to you on 50's on 5 Seriuos Radio.

(763) Rex De Long
June 30, 2016


I''m one of those 70 yr old kids who've adored your records [especially of the songs you've written] and performed them as a road musician for many moons [even in Camus, WA] In the US Army [67 & 68] your *Child of Clay* LP helped me through. The beauty of it all ...

Only once in Santa Ana, CA yrs ago, have I seen/heard you live. You were kind enough to invited me back stage for conversation. A unique and cherished evening. Thank You for
the Years ...


(762) Bill J.
June 13, 2016

The wizard said Jimmie Rodgers is a living legend.

(761) David Peel
May 27, 2016

Hello Jimmie,

What an incredible joy to find you on your web site. We met in Branson sometime in the mid-90's. I was there performing with my wife and kids as THE PEEL FAMILY. Ironically, I met your daughter, Michelle and her husband Pat at church in Nashville around 2001. I've wondered many times where you and Mary live these days. I enjoyed getting to know you as brief as is was. We've shared so many common friendships through the years...from Rodney Dillard to Randy Sparks in the mid-sixties. I recall your stories of playing Printer's Alley in Nashville (my hometown) while you were stationed at Sewart Air Force Base in Smyrna, Tennessee. I'm happy to say that your music is still heard and enjoyed in our Colorado home. Take good care my friend.

(760) Steve Fahnestalk
May 13, 2016

Hi, Jimmie--
Glad I found your website and am really thrilled to find out that you're still performing! I've been a fan since the '50s, and still listen to a lot of the songs you sang! Keep on trucking!

(759) Paul Loeffler
May 12, 2016

I just want to say, in addition to many wonderful songs is "shenandoah" a century version, poetry, romantic, a declaration of love in music. Thank you for this item. Paul Loeffler, Hamburg, Germany

(758) Susie Culwell
May 7, 2016

Hi your book and music. When are you coming to Phoenix? Are they ever going to make a movie about your life?

(757) walter Kiralla
May 3, 2016

Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!

(756) walter Kiralla
May 3, 2016

I am trilled after all these years to have the opportunity to log on to your website. You have been my Musical Idol since your first recordings.
I would love to meet with you during one of your performances??
Thanks Jimmie for all the wonderful memories.
I live very close to Camus, WA

(755) Vasu Nair
April 30, 2016

Hi Mr. Rodgers,
Just heard you, over my radio, singing wonderful 'English Country Garden' and it brought a feeling of nostalgia to me. I've always admired your voice and the songs you sang. When will you be able to come to London and sing for us?
All best wishes and may you continue to delight your audience and listeners.
Vasu Nair

(754) Diane Kitty Carty
March 30, 2016

Jimmie: I realize you may not be doing any more shows in the East but if you have even one more in you, Billy, Patti and I would love to see you again. Please email me with any dates in which you will be in the New York Tri-state area. Love, Kitty. P.S. Miss you guys!


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