1957 Roulette

Jimmie Rodgers

1957 Roulette (R25020)

1. Woman from Liberia (Favorite Music. Jimmie Rodgers) Emi Full Keel ASCAP
2. Better Loved Never Be (David-Evens-Hughes) Planetary Music ASCAP
3. Girl In The Wood (Gilkyson-Stuart) American Music BMI
4. Water Boy (Evens-Huges-Rodgers) Planetary Music ASCAP
5. Scarlet Ribbons (Segal-Donzig) Mills Music ASCAP
6. Ballad Of Black Gold (Tienikin-Web) M Widmark and Sons ASCAP
7. Hey Little Baby (Jimmie Rodgers-Clint Ballard Jr.) Kahl Music BMI-ASCAP
8. The Mating Call (Dee Whitman) Planetary Music ASCAP
9. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Folkways Music BMI
10. The Preacher (Favorite Music Rodgers-Hughes) Emi Full Keel Music ASCAP
11. I’m Just A Country Boy (Brooks-Barer) Folkways Music BMI
12. Honeycomb (Bob Merrill) Hawthorne Music ASCAP