Jimmie Rodgers Sings Folk Songs

Jimmie Rodgers Sings Folk Songs

1958 Roulette (SR-25042)
Hugo Peretti Orch.

1. Bo Diddley (Peretti-Creatore-Rodgers) Planetary Music ASCAP
2. Riddle Song (Peretti-Creatore-Rodgers) Planetary Music ASCAP
3. Liza (Jimmie Rodgers) Favorite Music ASCAP
4. Lassie O Mine (Bowels-Walt) Sam Fox Music ASCAP
5. Crocodile Song (Peretti-Creatore-Rodgers) Planetary Music ASCAP
6. Waltzing Matilda (Peretti-Creatore-Rodgers) Planetary Music ASCAP
7. Solder Won’t You Marry Me (Peretti-Creatore-Rodgers) Planetary Music ASCAP
8. Lord Randal (Peretti-Creatore-Rodgers) Planetary Music ASCAP
9. The Fox And The Goose (Peretti-Creatore-Rodgers) Planetary Music ASCAP
10. Black Is The Color (John Jacob Niles) Traditional G Schirmer ASCAP
11. Froggy Went A Courting (Peretti-Creatore-Rodgers) Planetary Music ASCAP
12. Gotta Lotta Tunes (Rodgers-Hoffman-Manning-Markwell) Planetary Music ASCAP

“This album is totally wrong. Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore put their names and mine on things we did not write. Case in point Waltzing Matilda. That was written by Banjo Patterson in Australia. I wrote Liza, the crocodile song and Gotta Lotta Tunes with Hoffman, Manning and Markwell, thats all. Hugo and Luigi did not write anything. I have no idea who the real writers and publishers are on the other songs. Waltzing Matilda was a huge hit for me in Australia”.

The Roulette single (R-4218 the 1958 promotional copy was released in Australia with the proper writers names on it (Patterson and Cowen).  Roulette would never get away with taking the writers credit over there but they obviously did it elsewhere. Putting my name on it as a writer was not known by me until now. At that time, I did not understand how writing and publishing was handled. I was happy to be making records”.

Jimmie Rodgers