I'll Never Stand In Your Way

I’ll Never Stand In Your Way

Some of the DOT singles      

It’s Over
Two Ten Six Eighteen Twelve Forty Four
Brother Where Are You (1966)
No One Will Ever Know/Because
The World I Used To Know
Someplace Green
Face In The Crowd/Lonely Tears (1963)
English Country Garden
Afraid/I’ll Never Stand In Your Way (1963)
Rainbow At Midnight/Rhumba Boogie (1962)
Careless Love/When I’m Right You Don’t Remember (1965)
(I Don’t Know Why) I Just Do/Load em’ Up (1963)
Together/Mama Was A Cotton Picker (1964)
Beach Comber/Little Schoolgirl (1965)
Bye Bye Love/Hollow Words
Morning Means Tomorrow/New Ideas (1966)
Strangers/Bon Soir Mademoiselle
Love Me, Please Love Me
Poor Little Raggedy Ann (1963)
Two Tickets (1965)
Bell Witch (1965)
Are You Going My Way (Little Beachcomber) (1965)
Yours And Mine (1967)

I'm Gonna Be A Winner

I’m Gonna Be A Winner

Unreleased singles:
Where Or When (rec: 11/11/1963)
Dona Dona (rec: 3/29/1966)
Come Away With Me (rec: 5/17/1966)
Love Like Ours (rec: 6/24/1966)