One friend explains, Jimmie Rodgers is a hard man to get to know.  He stays to himself most of the time except when he was working.  Nobody pushes him.  He is an absolute perfectionist with his music and very tough.  His friends are mostly people not associated with show business.

His personal life is almost impossible to explain.  Readers of Dancing on the Moon will come away with a new sense of believing in the Lord’s hand on our lives.  Working easy through coast to coast television shows, night clubs and concerts, traveling around the world three hundred days a year.  His work HAS BEEN ALMOST FORGOTTEN.  He was a shy small town boy that continued to record music with a voice and style that boggles the mind.

A self taught singer who could travel through country music, folk music, pop music, even jazz with the same perfect pitch and three octave range.  An open chord guitar style.  A writer that continues to write and produce both music, books and animation.

A brutal incident in 1967 stopped the career of Jimmie Rodgers leaving him unable to walk.  He lost his singing career.  Twenty years of rehabilitation and sheer will power and an unstoppable faith.  He survived three major brain surgeries testing himself every day.  When he was told he would never walk again he ended up running ten miles every other day.  He lives with the thought that What the Lord doesn’t protect you from he provides you through.

His struggle to never give up was supported by his family and friends.  Married thirty years to wife Mary with five children who are the stair steps to his heart. Mary has blessed Jimmie’s life.  Her strength and love has pulled the family together.

The many years from 1967 until 2009 represents a true life Rambo story.  He has trained for life like a champion fighter.  From walking with a walker and wearing braces on his legs, he has proven that nothing is impossible when you love the Lord.

Recently after driving his car alongside his father running over 14 miles of mountain road, Jimmie’s oldest son Michael only had one comment, “My dad is the toughest guy I know.”

At the age of 54, he took up skydiving.  Doctor’s quote: “He’s not supposed to step off a chair.”

At the age of 55, he studied the Akido martial art with his 2nd son Casey, training every night for four years towards a black belt.

In Atlantic City, he flew a P-51 with a stunt pilot upside down the entire length of the boardwalk followed by snap-rolls on the way out.

Publicity department comment, “We never know what this guy is going to do.”

This is a story about a great revolution called “Rock and Roll”, and in the midst of it stood one of the great musical legends of our time who could do it all.  The Jimmie Rodgers story is about strength, passion, endurance, inspiration, believing and an undying faith.

“Dancing on the Moon” The Jimmie Rodgers Story